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We're Not Your Typical Dietitians.

We're not about the diets.
We're not about telling you not to eat your favorite foods.
We're not about using your weight to determine your health.


​We are about helping clients ditch the diet culture mentality to obtain a positive relationship with food, exercise, and body to truly improve long-term health. 


Maddi Osburn started Flexible Nutrition in 2020 out of the desire to align her food philosophy with how she counseled clients. She wanted to show people that they could have a flexible approach to food, without rigid diets or restriction, and still improve their health.

Flexible Nutrition is now a group practice with 3 Registered Dietitians and an Administrative Assistant. We provide individual nutrition counseling and consulting services in Wichita, KS, the surrounding communities, and virtually throughout the U.S.

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Flexible Nutrition takes a weight-inclusive and Health at Every Size (R) approach to client and community care. This means that we don't prescribe fad diets, we remove weight as a proxy for health, and focus on behaviors and modifiable outcomes, instead.
It is an approach that encourages respectful and compassionate care for individuals in all body types, shapes and sizes. This differs from what you may have typically heard in the doctors office or gym, as it does not prescribe weight loss as a cure for health/diseases, and does not place all responsibility for health on the individual. It is well documented in the research that the vast majority of weight-based interventions result in weight gain over time, a negative relationship with food and body - which subsequently, worsen health in the long-term. 
There are many ways we can honor our health outside of a focus on weight, and that is what we provide to clients in the work that we do.



We are located at

450 N. 159th St. E.

Wichita, KS 67230

Our office building is south of Kutter's Veterinary Clinic & East of 159th. We are pleased to share the office space with other healthcare professionals.

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450 N. 159th St. E.
Wichita, KS 67230

Phone: 316-247-0018
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