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Nutrition Tips for your First Half Marathon

You've pondered it. You've weighed the pros and cons. Your friend won't stop pestering you. Finally, you give in. You excitedly (and nervously) sign up for your first half or full marathon! Now, you are likely thinking, "Great, now where do I start?!".

You are probably feeling a mix of emotions; excited to take on a new challenge, determination to cross the finish line, anxious because of the newness of the task, worried how you will fit in training and adequate nutrition with all of your other responsibilities, the list may continue.

First, take a deep breath. You can and will do this! This essentials guide will help provide you some of the basic, key points to keep in mind before, during and after the race. There is so much information available in the form of people, social media, online and print magazines-it can feel like a daunting task.

That's where my essentials guide can help. These concepts are essential for a reason, because they will help you cross the finish line well and minimize your chance of injury. Without further ado, let's get to it. Click below to download this FREE resource.

Preparing for your First Half or Full Ma
Download • 2.74MB

And lastly, have fun! Running a half marathon or full marathon is an incredible experience. Enjoy the process!

Maddi Osburn RDN, LD


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